Merrill C. Young Park: A Classic Park and Playground

July 19, 2016 | klein

Merrill C. Young Park promises a quiet, calm setting for lunch on a warm day. It's located just off White Avenue, and it's a reasonable size, according to a Yelp reviewer. Its picnic tables invite guests to bring lunch or dinner and enjoy the scenery, which consists of trees and a blue-and-green playground.

A pair of castle turrets distinguish the playground's jungle gym, complete with swirling blue slide. Nearby, you'll also find a swing set and other basic pieces of playground equipment. The play area resides not far from Merrill C. Young Parks basketball courts, where anyone is welcome to play a pick-up game. The park also plays host to a baseball and softball diamond, a pavilion to prevent events from getting rained out, and plenty of grass for picnic blankets.

Although it doesn't have a paved path, a Yelp reviewer notes that there's still enough space for a leisurely stroll here.

Merrill C. Young Park
214 White Avenue
King of Prussia, PA 19046

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